The employees of Andreas company are its strength.

Our employees are the key capital of Andreas. We care for their professional development but also so that they feel they are a part of the company. Andreas staff, open and friendly for Customers means devoted to the company employees - a number of them has been with the company for a dozen of years.   Our employees have unique competences, combining experience in a lot of various sectors. Their knowledge, many years of practice and professionalism guarantee you service at the highest level while their kindness and friendly approach make each our Customer is treated extraordinarily.

See for yourself that Andreas company is worth cooperating with! 

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Our key specialisation is transhipment of goods served by AGRO market. We provide transhipment of wide assortment of unitised goods on pallets, in big-bags or other packages.

We also provide specialist fertiliser transhipment services. Owing to automation, we maintain perfect quality of your goods at each stage of the transhipment process, minimising mistakes and losses in transhipment cycles.
ANDREAS Sp. z o.o.
ul. Nad Odrą 72,
71-820 Szczecin

+48 91 453 86 91