Continuous development

Recent years of the company activity are rich in new investments. We are developing with our Customers' needs in mind. Constant extension and automation of the technical facilities, continuous improvement of specialist employees' competences and standardisation of all processes contribute to the fact that our Customers have always received the service of the highest quality.




In the nearest future, the extension of the fertiliser terminal is planned which will lead to increase of the loading capacity as well as available warehouse space.

Investment in the infrastructure

Our investment carried out in the recent years:

I. Four steel silos mean 16 000 tonnes in the fully automated warehouse space. The system of active bottom applied in them enables trans-shipment of palletised goods. Every 8 minutes a truck of capacity of 25 tonnes is unloaded.

Loading and unloading rate is 250t/h in relation onto and out of the ship and 150t/h in relation onto and out of the truck.

II. The warehouse facilities have been expanded and modernised enabling efficient trans-shipment of goods.

III. A modern, fully computerised fertiliser terminal has been put into service - specialist trans-shipment of fertiliser is a new constantly developing branch of the company's activity. In the nearest future, an extension of the fertiliser terminal is planned that will lead to an increase of both its loading capacity and the warehouse space, enabling storage of total 11 thousand tonnes in bulk and offering 20 thousand m2 of storage yards.
IV. Dedicated information system integrates all key processes in the company, while the author program E-SNOP enables automatic truck notification and facilitates communication with a Customer.

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Our key specialisation is transhipment of goods served by AGRO market. We provide transhipment of wide assortment of unitised goods on pallets, in big-bags or other packages.

We also provide specialist fertiliser transhipment services. Owing to automation, we maintain perfect quality of your goods at each stage of the transhipment process, minimising mistakes and losses in transhipment cycles.
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