International scope, experience synergy

The position of the leader

Andreas company since 2013 belongs to the capital group Hauptgenossenschaft Nord AG with the registered office in Kiel in Germany. Owing to this, the company combines local, port tradition with strength and experience of the international capital group, drawing on the experience of the group from the activity on the Polish and foreign markets.

Logistics-Group Kiel is an international group that combines diversified but complementary competences of companies from such sectors as: transportation, logistics, trans-shipment and AGRO market.

This international and multimodal logistics network ensures its Customers the best and individual logistics solutions, supporting development of their business.

Diverse offer of logistics services of the group Logistics-Group Kiel in the sectors: transportation, logistics, agricultural and industrial production service ensures Customers of Andreas easy access to the wide range of specialist services. Owing to this, the Recipients of Andreas may obtain complex service both in the field of trans-shipment and logistics at the same place.

Companies operating in Poland within Logistics-Group Kiel

ANDREAS Sp. z o.o. – is a maritime trans-shipment terminal of the total capacity of 32,000 tonnes for cereals and feed products and 25 thousand tonnes for fertiliser, including 11.5 thousand tonnes of powder one.  Equipped with modern trans-shipment devices for ships, among the others automatic conveyor systems of efficiency up to 250 tonnes / hour and trans-shipment devices for trucks, operating with the speed of 150 tonnes / hour. The company owns over 320 metres of own wharf and 3 railway sidings.

AHLMANN-ZERSSEN - offers in all Polish and German ports a comprehensive service for maritime and inland navigation, including charter, brokerage and customs services.  The company specialises in agency services in transportation of commodity in Northern and Southern Europe.

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Our key specialisation is transhipment of goods served by AGRO market. We provide transhipment of wide assortment of unitised goods on pallets, in big-bags or other packages.

We also provide specialist fertiliser transhipment services. Owing to automation, we maintain perfect quality of your goods at each stage of the transhipment process, minimising mistakes and losses in transhipment cycles.
ANDREAS Sp. z o.o.
ul. Nad Odrą 72,
71-820 Szczecin

+48 91 453 86 91